Let's fight to find them!
Let's fight to find them!

We Still Haven't Found What We're Looking For

Unfortunately we still haven't found all the members of our class.  Please take a look at the list and see if you 
can help us find them!

Actually the list has just grown, since 65 emails that were valid 5 years ago have bounced back.

(If you are on this list, it means that 
we either do not have a valid e-mail for you 
or we are not sure whether you know 
about this site.)

  We need help finding everyone!!!

If you have any valid e-mails for others
please sent it to

Abigal Adams
Ted Adams
Bret Barry
David Bass
Alex Blasso
Leo Bogden
Stephanie Botwin
George Bowers
Missy Breza
Dawn Brodman
June Buckley
Alex Cardosa
Tony Catullo
Dominick Chiera
Gioconda Chiera (Gonzalez)
Allison Christy
Mary Colangelo (Dunn)
Corey Coleman
Matt Conti
Doug Curtis
Andrea Davidson
Michelle DelGrande (Morrison)
Trevor Edwards
Michael Elman
Sue English
Ann Escallett
Martha Fernandez (Del Campo)
Joe Fenton
Martha Fernandez (Del Campo)
Carolyn Franklin (Askew)
Kevin Foushee
Tonya Fox
Paul Frederick
Deborah Freeman
Rich Gasson
Rich Gilbert
Scott Griffith
Virginia Harrington
Dan Harvis
Deb Harvis
Kurt Hauser
Liz Hazen
Garth Hershfield
Debra Holstead
Sheila Husar
Steve Jahries
Ruthann Jordan
Brad Kalber
Greg Keeley
Geoff Keith
Ken Kim
Kim Seung-Choon
Linda Kindblom (Healy)
Christopher Knabb
Phil Kuehne
Dorothy Lefrese
Beth Lindsley
John Long
Tom Luciano
Julie Marengo
Jan Marquardt
Vernon Martin
David McCray
Kathleen McCully
Reto Meier
Bradford Miller
Craig Miller
Greg Monroe
Hugo Morales
Chris Moschella
Mary Murray (Himmelberg)
Tim O'Brien
Greg Ocello
Michael Oliveri
Jane Olle
Peter O'Shea
Lisa Pecca
Carlos Pena
Tina Piccione (Ungerman)
Ed Riehl
Greg Rocco
James Powers
Judy Prantil (Rossmeisle)
Donna Ralis (Charmain Collette)
Ed Riehl
Meg Ring
Francine Rota
Suzanne Ruck (Thompson)
Chirstine Rusnack

Maryann Scala (Astone)
Tom Schwallie
Dan Schwartz
Monica Sheldon (Deprat)
David Shea
Paul Sheehan
Jennifer Smith (Ruhlman)
Michelle Starks
Alison Stephen
Stella Stopkowski (Salmen)
Michelle Tranquilli
Larry Twill
Bob Unger
Kevin Walsh
Catherine Whiter
David Whitlock
David Work